Pre-Exhaust Training

Pre-Exhaust Training

Pre-Exhaust Training

The pre-exhaust concept sees you move from isolation to compound exercises with no rest. Not only does this increase workout intensity, it helps you hit targeted muscles harder. Partially fatiguing a muscle first in isolation will bring it into focus during the following compound exercise.

Because pre-exhaust is implemented by doing two consecutive exercises for the same muscle you’ll see an increase in muscular endurance,  strength and hypertrophy. Increased volume will stimulate greater adaptations.

A good rep range to start is 15 but bear in mind doing an isolation exercise first will lower the amount you can lift in the following compound exercise. 

Here are some typical examples of the pre-exhaust method;

Chest - 15 on each Dumbbell Fly’s straight into bench press

Shoulders - 15 on each Lateral raise into seated dumbbell shoulder press

Quads - 15 on each Leg Extension into leg press

This programme is great for busting through plateaus and bringing up lagging body parts.

Check out my pre-exhaust plans for men and women.

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