Stealth Calories

Stealth Calories

There is one major reason why you may not be getting results... 

What are stealth calories?

Stealth calories are calories you consume without thinking about it and while the calorie can range from small to big, they add up over the course of the day.


What’s all the fuss?

If you're in a 300 calorie deficit and you eat an extra 300 calories without realising it, guess what?? You’re no longer in a deficit and you won’t lose weight or body fat.

Thus meaning you still feel like you’ve worked hard but to no avail.


Let’s look at some common examples;

1 tablespoon spoon of olive oil – 120 calories

3 table spoons – 360 calories (deficit gone)

Tea or coffee with milk or sugar – 50 calories

4 cups – 200 calories

15g butter – 110 calories

30g butter – 220 calories

Pre workout – 60 calories

with post workout – 190 calories

Often it slips peoples mind to include the above examples in their totals because they’re only small amounts. But as you can see, if you are in a 300 calorie deficit you can very easily nullify it.


How to avoid falling victim

Record absolutely everything big and small on My Fitness Pal. Don’t let stealth calories nullify your progress.

Try to replace high calorie stealth calories with alternatives, such as replacing olive oil with 1 Calorie spray.

Monitor your progress regularly and analyse your results.

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