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Pyramid Training Plan For Men

Pyramid Training Plan For Men

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Pyramid training involves doing a series of sets where you increase the weight and decrease the number of reps in each successive set. This technique can be applied to all exercises. With the William Wylie Personal Training App, you can train anywhere and get access to your workout plans, track workout stats, watch how-to exercise videos, and communicate with William Wylie anytime, anywhere.

The Pyramid Training Plan For Men is split into four workouts: Chest & Back, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Biceps & Triceps, and Shoulders & Abs. You can choose to train three or four days per week, with the fourth workout being optional. For the first set, use enough weight so you can just perform the required number of reps. Increase the weight by a small margin for each successive set, record them in the app, and aim to beat them next time you come back round to that particular workout.

When you buy the plan, you will immediately be sent an email to download the app and set up your account. You’ll receive a welcome e-mail and be asked to fill out your starting body stats and preferences. With this plan, you can reach your max on lifts and get the results you want.

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