Success Stories

At William Wylie Personal Training, success is not just measured by numbers on a scale but by the total transformation of the individual. Every journey is unique, every challenge overcome is a milestone, and every success story is a testament to dedication, adaptability, and support. Have a look at some of my clients success stories and photos.

Justine's Remarkable Transformation



"Before I started working with William, my journey to weight loss felt like a never-ending battle. As a 32-year-old operations manager for nine busy evening venues, including nightclubs and bars, my hectic schedule made it challenging to stick to any fitness routine. Despite trying various gyms and personal trainers, nothing seemed to bring significant or lasting results. That all changed when I decided to take a leap of faith with William, a dedicated weight and fat loss coach.

From the outset, William understood the unique challenges of my lifestyle. He provided a comprehensive and easy-to-follow training and eating plan that integrated into my busy schedule. This approach was a game-changer for me; it was the first time I didn't have to overthink about my diet and exercise – I just followed the plan and watched the amazing transformation happen.

I started in November, weighing 67 kg with a body fat percentage of 36.4%. By May, I was amazed by my own transformation: I weighed in at 54.1 kg with a body fat percentage of 23.6%. That's a total weight loss of 12.9 kg (2 stone and 0.8 pounds)! It was not just about the numbers; I felt leaner, stronger, and more confident than ever before.

What made William’s coaching stand out was not just the personalised plan, but also the educational aspect of it. I learned so much about my body, nutrition, and fitness. This knowledge has been so important in maintaining my results. The entire journey was incredibly motivating, and I am genuinely grateful for William’s guidance and expertise.

If you're looking for real, lasting change, I can’t recommend William high enough. His approach is not just effective; it's been life-changing for me.”



David S

"The journey to the bodybuilding stage was uncharted territory for me. With William's guidance, I went from never having a six-pack to standing tall among seasoned competitors. As a working dad with a demanding manual job and frequent meals on the go, I faced many challenges. But William listened, genuinely understanding my goals and lifestyle, and tailored a program just for me. The result? A proud 4th place finish in a highly regarded bodybuilding competition. While the physical transformation was incredible, stepping out of my comfort zone and achieving something entirely new was the real win. Having trained with another coach before, I can confidently say William's approach stands out. He makes it about you and listens." - David S, 38



Louise W

"Life had become a rut, and I longed for the energy and confidence I once had at university. With William's guidance, I embarked on a 16-week transformation. Old habits were tough to break, but the newfound confidence in weight training and the knowledge William imparted made every hurdle achievable. The weekly check-ins and accountability made all the difference. By the end of our journey, I not only regained the shape I'd lost over the years but also a renewed confidence." - Louise W



Robyn K

"Office life and constant travel had me drifting away from my health goals. But with William's guidance, I found my way back. Over four dedicated months, I experienced few setbacks, even with the occasional off-plan meal. What stood out for me were the training sessions. William's approach, using progressive overload protocols, meant I wasn't just following a routine; I was constantly evolving and getting stronger. By the end, I not only achieved a lean and healthy physique but also a rejuvenated confidence and energy. William's approach is refreshingly simple, and he ensures you don't need to resort to any gym gimmicks. It's straightforward, effective, and all about genuine progress." - Robyn K



"Fitness always seemed like a distant goal with my demanding work schedule and busy life. I'd tried multiple programs before but never felt truly seen or understood. That changed when I started working with William. With his patient guidance, I started on a plan tailored just for me. William's consistent support and expert knowledge made the difference. Not only am I achieving my fitness goals, but I also am more confident and feel better in clothes. William's approach is not just about physical change; it's about educating you." - Belinda

Belinda progress

Every transformation story started with a single step - the decision to make a change. Ready to begin your own transformation? 

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